For Partners

Why chose Eskimos?

We always pleased to cooperate with new market participants and develop business together. Our company is committed to provide our partners the most flexible and favorable conditions for business development, as well as great opportunities to increase profits and sales.

Product range

We know how to make a delicious ice cream! Our ice cream is made from natural products, in accordance with GOST requirements. Product line includes more than a hundred kinds of ice cream.
Most popular items:
  •     Line «The Star of Kremlin»;
  •     Eskimo «Cheese-Bor»;
  •     Eskimo, parchment paper «Mishka»;
  •     Eskimo, foil paper «Mishka»;
  •     cornets «Festa»;
  •     Frozen sherbet «EXIT ice».
Delivery Availability of specialized vehicles and well-functioning logistics scheme allow us to deliver the goods right on appointed time, in full and saving high product quality all year round. Delivery is made at our company expense.

Marketing support

We provide product promotion support. We develop promotional events that affect to increase sales, increase customer loyalty. We print brochures, leaflets, banners.

 Unique opportunity

Eskimos Company can produce ice-cream in packaging with your design, name, mark and any other required information based on your wishes.  

Our own warehouse

Our warehouse built of high quality materials with using modern technologies.  It has production facilities, equipped with modern, high-tech equipment, refrigerated warehouse and logistics center in its structure.

Our managers

    Lena1_sm.jpgElena Filonova
    West, South West, Kazakhstan
    IСQ: 644-877-425


Sergey_sm.jpg     Sergey Hayrulin
     Far East, North West
     ICQ 477-338-868

Anna_sm.jpg     Anna Vasil’chenko
     Siberia, West
     ICQ 650-067-203