About company

"Company Eskimos" - a large modern enterprise engaged in the production and sale of ice cream since 1993

Assortment list of goods close to two hundred items. The original recipe and the bright packaging design, of course, distinguish the company's products in the ice cream market.

By purchasing products "Company Eskimo", each customer can be assured of high quality and good taste of ice cream.

1993 — 1995 г.г. The organization, the development of

The company's management is actively engaged in the search for their own place in the food market, trains managers for professional work in the retail network.

1996 — 2000 г.г. Retail chains development

Fast and effective trade development enabling the company to increase the number of partners significantly. Fleet performance is optimized, that allows company to provide service to sales outlets well and in a timely manner, and to deliver "cranky" goods in its original form.

2001 — 2002 г.г. Establishment of deliveries

Delivery of goods is established in districts of the region. Tomsk inhabitants and region residents are able to see value in the service provided by the company.

2002 — 2003 г.г. The first big product release

The first ice-cream release is carried out together with Tomsk Khladokombinat. Development and release of more than 15 new products in packaging convenient for the customer has started on the base of ice-cream workshop of Tomsk Khladokombinat. Particular attention is paid to goods’ quality improvement.

2004 — 2010 г.г. Rapid development

Active development. Release of unique types of products, installation of new equipment, following the main trends in ice-cream production.

2011 — 2014 г.г. Company renewal

Eskimos is building its own logistics center for products storage and replenishing its fleet with new cars. That allows expanding the territory for product distribution on its own in the nearby regions.

2015 — 2016 г.г. New manufacturing circles

Company is constantly modernizing production, but fundamental changes occurred on that particular period.   Company has now new welding area, new production lines, new automatic washer.  There is growth in production. Company starts export supplies to China, Mongolia.