Наше мороженое изготавливается в соответствии с требованиями ГОСТ.
При производстве используются только натуральные продукты. Собственная сертифицированная лаборатория позволяет контролировать входное сырье и каждый этап производства.

Ingredients mixing

Ingredients are placed in mixing tanks (butter, natural whole milk, cream, sugar, etc.). Mass is carefully mixed and heated up to +40  +50 C.


Finished mixture is filtered using a two-part capacitive filters. It is extremly necessary to filter the mixture as the next equipment are very sensitive to lumps in dry mix.


Process is carried out by using tender pasteurizing-cooling installation at temperatures from +80 C to+82 C and soaking in 50-60 seconds.


Big pellets of milk fat are broken into smaller under high temperature and pressure. Mixture gets the required degree of homogeneity and even texture due to viscolization.

Cooling and maturatingMixture is cooled at a temperature from -2C to -4C. Then 4 hours required for mixture to mature. The viscosity of the mixture is increased; the structure is recovered at this stage.

Cooling under temperature from -5 C to  -6 C. Air incorporation of the mixture is happened at this stage.

Ice-cream molding

Nuts, jams, organic fruits and berries are added into the ice-cream using fruit feeder equipment. Ice-cream is put into the future shape (cornet, tub, Eskimo pie).

Hardening and packaging

Formed ice-cream passes special fast-freezing units. After that ice-cream goes to packaging machine, where we get the one famous tasty ice-cream.